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The Fully Comprehensive Video Course To Profiting On Teespring
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Teespring Domination Features

Learn the correct methods of research before even considering a launch.
The best resources and best practices for your campaign and advertising designs.
Correct, solid targeting methods to get your campaign in front of the right audience.
Putting everything together and making consistent profits on Teespring.
Why Are So Many Marketers Raving About Teespring Domination?
The original Teespring Domination book transformed many of our clients lives. We have turned many failing Teespringers into highly successful sellers and continue to steer our clients in the RIGHT direction!
Coreys Testimonial Pic
Corey C.
Teespring Domination is a SOLID course that will launch you into Teespring the right way. I have personally learned and earned a lot due to Nick’s course.
Nick Goulopoulos
An amazing guide that has allowed me to easily double my income after following it carefully. The after sales support in the group has been priceless too!
Andrey Doichev
I bought Nick's Teespring Domination and haven't bought another since. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to pull this offer and do private coaching for $3k. Honestly, I think he should so I wouldn't wait if I were you!
Raymond Jones
I spent some time spinning my wheels with Teespring then I found Teespring Domination! In the past 2 weeks I have sold 183 shirts with over $2000 in profit. This additional income will surely come in handy.
Views Of The Teespring Domination Video Course
Proof of Profits, Identifying Niches, Targeting and much, much more...
Teespring Domination Is The Step By Step Blueprint To Creating Lucrative Campaigns Over and Over Again
Unlike other Teespring courses, we don't believe in withholding the most valuable resources and only providing snippets of necessary information. The Teespring Domination course holds nothing back and teaches you the proven strategies.
Identifying Your Niche and Market
One of the toughest parts of breaking into the T-Shirt business online is knowing which niche to jump into. Teespring Domination shows you the best way to investigate, research and qualify your niche/market before you even think about getting your design and campaign prepared
Designing Correctly - A Key Component
Many great campaign ideas and well researched audiences are let down due to bad design. Teespring Domination reveals some of the best designers in the business, used by the top Teespring sellers and the ones that are often hidden away in other Teespring guides. Without a solid design, and in todays Teespring market, you are destined to fail.
Using correct design strategies
Targeting your audience correctly
Rock Solid Targeting Techniques
With the millions of potential targets online, getting your Teespring campaign in front of the most passionate buyers is imperative. This is easier said than done, however. Teespring Domination shows you how to draw out and then target the most passionate audience and save your money on poor targeting. Without proper targeting skills you are not only leaving money on the table, but risk losing money! We show you the correct Teespring campaign methods!
What Comes With The Teespring Domination Course?
This course is designed to give you everything you need to know about becoming a successful Teespringer. Designed, recorded and put together by Nick Mansor, a six figure Teespring seller, you are in the right hands from purchasing the course, right through to support and ongoing advice after your purchase.

Nick also runs and is highly active in the private, tight knit Teespring Domination Facebook group community, which you will also gain access to, and is never far away if you need to reach out.
Teespring Domination Core Modules
Each module has multiple chapters in video format, and additional files when and where needed.
Course Introduction
The Introduction Module
The Course Introduction is a high level overview of the course, what you can expect and how to best prepare for what you will be learning and implementing. You will also get a live look into Teespring and Paypal accounts!
Identifying Your Niche
Learning How To Identify Your Niche
A key component to any good product creation and marketing is a basic foundation that needs to be fully understood and implemented correctly. We dive into the types of niche research specific to Teespring.
Spying On Your Competition
Keeping your eye on your competitors in any business gives you a great advantage. Success always leaves a footprint. We show you how to find what is currently working and how to use your findings to your advantage, without breaking the rules and copying.
Identifying Your Audience
Correctly Identifying Your Audience
Getting any advertisement in front of the right audience is absolutely essential to your success and profit margins. This module goes deep into the best ways to identify the most likely buyers and shows you how to not only find them, but filter the best ones to use.
Designing Your Tee
Correct Design Is Crucial With Teespring
In this module you will learn the key elements to a good design, best practices and how to use these the right way. You will learn where to find ideas, and we share the contact details of some of the industries best designers.
Creating Your Teespring Campaign
The Best Way To Launch Your Campaign
From pricing to sales copy, and styles through to campaign duration, you will learn the best methods to hook your buyers and ensure that you maximize your profits once you launch your campaign.
Promoting Your Campaign
Promoting Your Teespring Campaign
Learn about the different ad types, how to setup your ads in various social media channels and ensure the greatest reach is achieved while returning the best possible return on investment.
Scaling And Maximizing Sales
A successful campaign can often have a chance to be scaled upwards and outwards resulting in more profits from the same design. You will learn how to scale correctly and avoid the common mistakes people make.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What type of accounts will I need to use this training?
The first obvious one is a free Teespring account. The Teespring Domination course focuses heavily on promoting your campaigns on Facebook so you will also need a Facebook Ad account in good standing, or to easily create one.

Is there any other form of investment needed to use this course?
The majority of successful campaigns are promoted through paid advertising. You can start a Facebook ad for as little as $1 and once you establish that you have a profitable campaign, can scale your advertising costs according to your budget.

Do I need good design skills to create a winning campaign?
No, not at all. Graphic designers have an advantage in that they do not need to outsource the design work, but we show you how to outsource your designs and also give you the contact details of some of the best Tee designers in the business.

Are there any other additional products I need to buy for this course?
No. We do have an advanced bolt-on section with hours of video showing you how to scale your business and outsource all of the work, however, this is not required to get started and do all of the work yourself that the course will teach you.
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